Come and visit us at Super Computing 2017 at Center for Advanced Research Computing Booth 535. We're exhibiting one of five modules to be used at the New Mexico Consortium Ultrascale Systems Research Center as part of a pilot program led by the Los Alamos National Laboratory and The University of New Mexico.


The aim of the consortium is to engage universities and industry nationally in support of exascale research and the goal of the research is to investigate the challenges of computing at extreme scales - millions rather than thousands of computers.

Such large systems pose questions that have not yet been answered.

The pilot is the first step in plans to construct a very large model cluster to facilitate research in extreme scale cluster design. The focus is on new network architectures, bootstrap, management and recovery algorithms and primary research in systems and distributed storage software.

Upon completion of the pilot, the plan is to extend this research cluster from its present 720 active nodes to 10,000 with an option to build out to 50,000 or more to explore questions arising at extreme scale.

This research project provided the initial motivation for the development of the compact 144 node Raspberry Pi BitScope Cluster Module. The largest we built before this was just 40 nodes! Los Alamos National Laboratory, the Raspberry Pi Foundation, BitScope Designs and SICORP are all interested in your feedback about this project, its goals and your thoughts about ultrascale cluster research, design and development.

We look forward to meeting you and sharing ideas, our plans and the roadmap for 2018.


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